2020-2021 Enoch Calendar PDF

I had a big challenge trying to calibrate the leap day.  I am flip-flopped on this.  I made a video about the Leap Day placement and the real International Dateline.  Eastern Australia and New Zealand should be a day behind the world and not at the head.


To download a printable PDF copy of the Official 2020-2021 Enoch Calendar click on the Google Drive link. 



The official published calendar is verified by the Solar Portal Alignments according to the Book of Enoch My method of calibration produces a 364 Day Calendar year every year and accounts for the 365th Day of the Sun every year, and a 366th Day every 4th year.  The calendar comes with Biblical Anniversaries which is complete to the best of my abilities.  I view it as a work in progress as I come across new "hidden" entries such as Daniel's prayer in chapter 9, by the description of the sackcloth the event appears to have been on Yom Kippur.

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