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A Few Words About Me
Solomons Pillar Nuweiba Beach Egypt.jpg

The VanderLaan's at Solomon's Pillar Nuweiba Beach, Egypt  (December 2017)

Shalom, my name is Nicholas James VanderLaan. I am in my 40th Year. I was born in Long Beach, CA. After my start-up popped and dropped I suspended operations, put all my family belongings into a POD Storage in Las Vegas and went on a 3 week family European vacation with my wife and 5 kids. I was going to figure out what was next in life when we got back. We left the USA on September 24, 2017 which turned out to be the REAL day of Revelation 12 sign. My first video I published in October 2017 I "thought" I figured out Daniel's 70th Week timeline... I was 99% sure of myself and it was 100% PRIDE. I humbled myself big-time before my El and He reminded me this work can only be done "by My Spirit says YHWH of Hosts." Since then He has shown me marvelous things. HalleluYAH!!! My 3 week trip turned into a journey and now a mission. I officially started preaching the 10 Commandments and emphasis on the 7th Day Sabbath on March 20, 2018 in my Spring Equinox reading video from Jerusalem, Israel.


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