Enoch Calendar Rules Explained

There is ONLY one method to calibrate the Enoch Calendar.

That method has to produce a 364 Day Calendar Year EVERY YEAR and account for the 365th Day of the sun which is is "great sign on the earth" per Jubilees 2:9

Yes, this same method accounts for the 366th leap day during leap years.

Every published Enoch calendar I have seen to date, the publishers don't understand the difference between a 364 Day Calendar Year and a 365 Day Solar Cycle.  They aren't the same. 

They fail to understand the need to account for the 365th Day of the Solar cycle and their calendars experience slippage and their year ends too early before the Spring Equinox.  They loose a day every year and two days every leap year.

The Sprit of Truth led me to discover the missing 365th Day from the calendar and it was the day of Job's birth that he cursed and had removed from the calendar in Job 3:1-6.  https://youtu.be/GIpyG7j7F4g

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