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Identifying the 2021 Spring Equinox

In this video I identify and explain when the Spring Equinox occurs. I also identify the location of the sun on the 4th Day of Creation.

Important for those in Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands. I understand your equinox reading will be on March 21st and not the 20th. Make sure you watch the last segment of this video to see why I say so. This means your 1st Day of the 1st Month is on March 22nd 2021 and not March 21st. I could be incorrect as some things could be "flipped" down there. ;) It would be best to have someone do an equinox reading down there. I hope brother Allan can comment as I think he will be doing the equinox reading and hopefully he can either correct or confirm me on it. I think Allan is in Western Australia.

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