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Jesus taught AGAINST the Dead Sea Scrolls

In my video presentation I identify 5 extra Sabbath rules / laws (takanot) in the Damascus Document that Master Yeshua The Messiah directly confronted and taught against. In this video presentation I identify the Pharisees as the authors of the Damascus Document. I then speculate the possibilities of why it was found in Qumran.

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Sorry Nick,

One more question: Enoch said that the mistake is made when they count 364 days, and should count 360. What are your thoughts on that? Did you incorporate his warning?


You said “Jesus taught against the Dead Sea Scrolls.” Won’t you retitle that to something like: “Jesus taught against the Damascus Document.”

Also, why do you list Roshashana which is Babylonian, and why do you not show Feast of Trumpets in your calendars? Feast of Weeks?


Garett Finney
Garett Finney
Jun 19, 2022

Jesus taught against anyone who does not believe the word he left. This includes you nick because you denounce books as scripture. You cannot hear the voice of the Lord.

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