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Ken Johnson's FALSE Dead Sea Scroll Calendar

I tried to help Ken understand the calendar when he was trying to figure it out. He instead failed to understand the calendar due to a lack of wisdom and understanding and he published his own version that is incorrect and false. I made this video to document and expose Ken's FALSE Dead Sea Scroll Calendar.

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Jeanne S
Jeanne S
Aug 26, 2022

I for one trust Dr Johnson's accounting of the Dead Sea Scrolls calendar because God is a God of perfect order and the facts to makes numerical sense and perfect order in that the Holy Days not only fall on the same day each year but the exact same day of the week each year and this is what I expect from a perfect God. Mature Christians do not hold one another up for mockery when they disagree, they address it privately. He's always free to disagree with you especially when you do not make sense in light of a perfect God. You always could make your own videos with your own points of view including your credentialing to …

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