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The 2021 Enoch Calendar

In this video I share the 2021-2022 Official Enoch Calendar which is available in 4 different calendar formats. I also explain some calendar concepts and publish that the Heavenly Solar Sabbath this coming calendar year will be on the Gregorian Wednesday.

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fhanx brother ...just learned last to this was doing stupid gregorian saturday! then some

say we'll never know!?! Ultra important to the Father. think it was you the dead sea scroll dude wouldnt listen to you and made own retarded wrong one...

..was ken johnson. ln 77 flew fro Cairo to Jordan ,Petra..cross jordan river dead sea razor wire blown up tanks.Qumran Jericho Jerusalem.....survived 2 wks dyssintary losr 13 lbs . went to museum of the scroll. lt looked like shabbat falls on fri . gregorian? all the info too cryptic not saying you...l li

love Enoch and Zadoks...lm an artist painter old in Mexico fellowship...but California same beyond biblical cosmology...Ls it on Friday? lm researching...begins…

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