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The 360 Day Prophetic Calendar

In this video I define the 360 Day Prophetic Calendar which is a variation of the 364 Day Enoch Calendar. I then demonstrate ho to count the prophecies using the 360 Dy Prophetic Calendar.

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Are you familiar with Dean Coombs at: A very interesting article you should, read and it has your 360 calendar days off by about 10 days. The thing about the Enoch 360 Calendar, there's no unity. Here’s a link to the article:

Thank you for all you do.

Have a blessed day.

Nick VanderLaan
Nick VanderLaan

Dean is incorrect on the calendar. I also corrected him on counting the Jubilee. He counts it in 50 year blocks, when it is 49 year blocks and the 1st year of the 49 year cycle is the 50 year of the previous cycle. You should take the time to understand my teachings.

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